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We only insert Mirena® in women who have had normal vaginal delivery. If you have only had caesarean section you may require a referral to a hospital service or private gynaecologist.

  • What is Mirena® and how does it work?
    Mirena® is a form of long acting contraception which maybe suitable for women of any age. It is a type of intrauterine device (IUD) which is placed within the uterine cavity. The device releases a small daily dose of a progesterone-like hormone called Levonorgestrel and a number of factors combine to provide effective contraception for up to 5 years.
  • What are the advantages of the Mirena® IUD as a contraceptive device?
    It is very effective in preventing pregnancy and it acts for an extended period of time. It is readily reversible and usual fertility returns soon after it is removed. It often reduces the amount of menstrual bleeding and can reduce period pain.
  • How and when should the Mirena® IUD be inserted?
    The Mirena® IUD is inserted into the uterine cavity through the natural opening of the cervical canal by a doctor who has been trained in the correct technique. Once it is confirmed that the woman is not pregnant (e.g. day 3-5 of your period) and a vaginal swab has been taken to ensure no infection is present, the Mirena® can be inserted at any time.
  • I’ve never had children, or I’ve only had caesarean deliveries. Can I still have a Mirena®?
    Mirena® could still be appropriate for you but if your cervical canal is tightly closed you will need to be referred to either a private gynaecologist or an outpatient clinic at a hospital to have the IUD inserted. This will be discussed with you at your first appointment.
  • How soon after the Mirena® is inserted can I rely on it for contraception?
    If it is inserted during the first week after the start of your period, it is effective immediately. If it is inserted at any other time in your cycle, it is effective after one week.
  • How to make an appointment to have Mirena® inserted?
    Having an IUD inserted involves attending two appointments, one for assessment and another one for the insertion. Please book an initial consultation with Dr Tim Foo who underwent a specialized training for Mirena placement. It is important to inform reception staff that a Mirena® IUD consultation is required when booking an appointment.
  • What is the cost to have a Mirena® fitted?
    Length Costs
    Total Fees* Medicare Out of pocket
    Initial Consult for NP only 20min $120 73.95 $46
    Mirena insertion existing patients 30min $254 120.20 $134
    Mirena removal existing patients 20min $120 73.95 $46

    *Costs do not include the device

  • What happens on the day of insertion?
    • Bring Mirena® IUD that you have purchased from the pharmacy
    • Take some painkillers (e.g Nurofen or Paracetamol) about one hour prior to the appointment
    • Consider having someone care for your children and to accompany you home
    • Arrive well hydrated and ensure you have eaten recently to promote better recovery
  • Please be aware that the insertion appointment takes 30-45 minutes, but some people require longer to fully recover. Occasionally the insertion is unsuccessful and clients may require referral to a public hospital or private specialist.

  • Why do I need to come for a review?
    We recommend a review appointment 6-8 weeks following insertion of Mirena® to make sure IUD hasn’t moved and for signs & symptoms of infection. The review appointment is bulk billed.

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