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List of frequently asked questions

What are the fees for a standard consultation?
Please refer to our full fee schedule here for more details.

Does it cost more after hours, on the weekend or on a public holiday?
Yes, all consultations hold a higher charge after 5pm on weekdays and Saturdays as well as on public holidays. On public holidays, some consultations may also attract a higher rebate from medicare. Please refer to our full fee schedule here for more details.

How long is a standard appointment?
Up to 15 minutes. This appointment type should be booked for when a patient has one, relatively straightforward issue to attend to such as a quick review, referral or script.

What requires a longer appointment?
A double appointment is up to 30min and should be booked for services like Cervical Screening, women’s & men’s health checks, mental health care plans. Some appointment types such as procedures, excisions, GP Management Plans, and integrative medicine may require longer appointment timeframes than this. Please always let our friendly reception staff know what your appointment is for so they can book appropriately.

What time is pathology open? Is pathology open on the weekend?
We have Melbourne pathology on site providing service to our patients 8.00am to 1.00pm and 1:30pm to 3:00pm Monday to Friday and each Saturday between 9am to 12pm.

How long do my results take to come back?
Please note that for any tests that are performed it is the patients’ responsibility to contact us for results if you have not heard from us within two weeks (Please be aware that some results take longer to be analysed). When results are reviewed by the Doctor, you will be contacted via SMS with directions on review or follow-up appointments. This usually takes at least three working days after the test has been performed. If your doctor has not made any arrangements with you, please contact practice reception to request the results and/or your doctor’s instructions. The nurse will only be able to provide this after the doctor has reviewed all your results. 

Which Doctors are involved in shared care and with which hospitals?
Dr Tim Foo does shared care with Monash Clayton and Sandringham hospitals.

Do any female doctors work at Mackie Road Clinic?
Yes, we have a number of female doctors who practice from Mackie Road Clinic, each with their own special interests. You can find out further information on the doctors that practice from Mackie Road Clinic here.

What are the trading hours?
We are open 6 days a week and on selected public holidays. Our hours are dictated by the availability of our independent practitioners, however, generally we’re open 8:30am to 7:30pm Monday to Wednesday, 8:30am to 6:30pm Thursday and Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm Saturday and 9:00am to 12:00pm on public holidays. We operate by appointment only.

Do you have same day availability?
Yes, we do allow some time each day for urgent problems. Appointments with the doctor of your choice can be made online, in person or by phoning the surgery.

What services do you provide?
Here at Mackie Road clinic, we have an experienced team of doctors each with their own expertise and area of interests. In addition to general medical consultations, our practice offers the following services: immunisation, pregnancy care, integrative medicine, women’s & men’s health, counselling/mental health, minor surgery, pathology, travel advice & immunisation, chronic disease management including asthma & diabetes education, podiatry, skin cancer checks, extended health checks, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, Mirena IUD & Implanon insertion, plastic & reconstructive surgery . If you require a particular service, please advise reception so that you are booked in with the appropriate doctor.

Do I need an appointment for a script/referral?

Are you a bulk billing clinic?
No. Mackie Road Clinic is a privately billing clinic. Payment of your account is required on the day of service otherwise an accounting fee will be added. There are two schedules of fees in operation at Mackie Rd Clinic: standard GP consultations and specialised consultations provided by GPs, specialists and allied health practitioners. Information regarding consultation fees are displayed at reception. All fees are billed at the discretion of the doctors and will depend on the duration & complexity of the consultation. We do not accept personal cheques as a payment option.

Can other Doctors view my results or do I have to see the Doctor who referred me?
In the interests of maintaining continuity of care, it is preferred that you see your usual treating doctor for results, however, we understand that this is not always possible. All of the doctors at our clinic are able to review results ordered by any of the other doctors here.

How can I get my records transferred from my previous clinic to Mackie Rd Clinic?
All you need to do is to sign a Request to Release Medical Records and provide us with the name and address of your previous clinic. We will then organise this on your behalf.

Do you provide Medicare Online Claiming?
Yes, we are able to transmit your claim directly to Medicare. If you are not registered for Online Claiming we can transmit your medicare rebate directly to your account subject to you paying with debit card linked to the cheque or savings account.

What vaccinations are generally in stock?
We usually have Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio. Also for the convenience of our patients we have a stock of most common travel vaccine. Please enquire about availability in reception.

I am going travelling- am I able to obtain vaccinations from your clinic?
Yes, in most instances. We run regular travel advice & immunisation clinics for patients who are planning to travel abroad. We will see both our own patients and those who are not registered with us. Mackie Road Clinic is also an Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We always recommend to see your doctor 6-8 weeks prior to your trip for a basic health check up, travel advice and immunisation.

What happens if I miss an appointment?
Depending on the type of appointment, there is a fee for late cancellation (less than 12hrs notice) or non-attendance of an appointment. This fee is non-rebatable through medicare

Can I arrange for a home or nursing home visit?
The doctors & nurses at Mackie Road Clinic may provide a home visit service for long-term regular patients of the clinic on the provision that it is safe, reasonable and medically appropriate. After hours, suitable care alternatives or home visits can be arranged by calling Home Doctor Service on 13 74 25. Wherever possible, please telephone before 10.00am to request a home visit. Please Note: Out of Practice visits incur higher than in-clinic and full private fees.

Can I get prescriptions without an appointment?
In the interests of quality care, we encourage patients on continuing medication to see their doctor on a regular basis, every 3 to 6 months. Because of this, our policy is not to provide prescriptions without an appointment.

What do I do in an emergency when the clinic is closed?
Dial 000 or go to the emergency department of your nearest hospital. If the situation is not urgent but medical care is required when the clinic is closed, you can phone our locum service for assistance on 13 74 25.

Are there facilities for non-English/poor English speaking patients?
You are welcome to bring a trusted relative to interpret for you or we are able to book an interpreter service for you. This may incur a fee, payable by the patient, to the interpreter service.

How will I know when I’m due for my next test/yearly check up?
At Mackie Road Clinic we have a recall system where we will contact you with a letter or SMS to remind you when you are due to have these appointments.

I’d like to leave some feedback about the clinic. What do I do?
This clinic welcomes feedback, both positive and negative, as part of our partnership approach to healthcare. We have a suggestion box at reception for your day to day feedback, or you can email If you have any problems which we are unable to resolve to your satisfaction, you can contact:
Health Services Commissioner
Complaints and Information
Telephone: (61 3) 8601 5200
TTY No. 1300 550 275
Toll Free: 1800 136 066
Fax No: (61 3) 8601 5219

Are my medical records private?
This practice is bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles. And also complies with the Health Privacy Principles.
All staff at Mackie Road Clinic are legally bound to maintain complete privacy with regards to our patients, including all personal and medical information.

How do I get a referral to a specialist?
Medicare require that a referral is supplied by a patient’s primary doctor. This is so each patient’s care is co-ordinated by the doctor who usually sees them. You will need to make an appointment to see you doctor to discuss being referred to a specialist.

Can I speak with my doctor on the phone?
Patients wishing to speak to their doctor by telephone can phone the reception staff who will pass on the message to the doctor. Where appropriate, the call will be put through to the doctor.
This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of patient’s personal health information. Relatives willing to speak on patient’s behalf should provide us with the copy of the Medical Power of Attorney before the conversation with the doctor takes place.

Do you provide chronic disease management and coordination?
The doctors and nurses at Mackie Road Clinic are experienced in chronic disease prevention and management. Our doctors may set up a GP management plan for patients suffering a chronic condition. When the condition is complex it may require input from other health professionals such as psychologists, dieticians, podiatrists and more. This type of management is called a Team Care Arrangement. Mackie Road Clinic has a broad referral network to ensure that patients receive the best care.

Do you specialize in Integrative Medicine?
Yes, one of our doctors specializes in Integrative or Holistic Medicine which emphasizes on treating the whole person with a focus on wellness & health rather than treating a disease. Integrative Medicine makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals & disciplines to achieve optimal health & healing. If you are interested in such an approach and would like to see Dr Marina McPherson as an integrative practitioner, please speak to reception as you will need to book a longer appointment.

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Mackie Road Clinic acknowledges the Boonwurrung / Bunurong peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation as Traditional Owners and Custodians, and pays respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and uphold Traditional Owner’s continuing relationship to the land and waterways.

The Mackie Road Clinic team extend our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


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